Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Im back! I say "Im" because through what I can gather Jamie Croft won't be blogging anytime in the future due to change of interests so its just me for now. I supposed it should be young birder now rather than plural, (I will try and get that changed) I have created to flickr account which I have put some photos I have taken whilst I have been not blogging.


I know have bike now so will be able to bird with out relaying on my Mum and Dad taking me everywhere. If you don't already know my parents are not naturally wildlife people so it takes a lot of nagging to get them out.

Here are few photos that I have taken over the last year. Sorry theres quite a few

nearly at the end...

one more to go...

As you can tell my love of macro photography have increased :)

I would like to thank follower "Early Worm"for reminding me to do a blog so if you liked this then thank early worm. 

Matthew Foakes


  1. Nice shots! If you are into macro, you should think of investing in a Raynox DCR 250, great lens I use it on the FZ38 and have got great results.
    Here is a video I took using this lens and the FZ38.
    You have to use a converter ring which attaches to the end of the camera, so it may be worth looking into this.

  2. Nice to see you blogging again and you've got some nice pics there. I especially like the starling photos.

  3. Good job! I love your pictures!!