Monday, 16 May 2011

rye meads

Yesterday I paid a visit to a very good reserve in hertfodshire called rye meads. In the first hide we saw little grebe, little ringed plover, lapwing, bhgull, common tern.... The kingfisher hide was the hide that I really wanted to go to as it great for producing views of kingfishers. We saw the kingfishers as soon as we entered and they paid many visits. It was a great day and would definatly recomend it.

Matthew foakes

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lee Valley

Today I went to a part of the lee valley with my dads friends. They are not birders themselves so I was sort of guiding them round. We set of after having burger and chips in the cafe there not really knowing were I was going. There is a problem with guiding someone round a place you have never been before because you dont know what you are going to see!

I tried my best pointing out heron, coot, mallard.... All the birds you expect to see. However disovering a blue tits nest in a post was most exciting. I hope that they enjoyed the tour.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Warmell holiday

I have just returned for a long weekend at warmell near weymouth and Portland. I did not intend for it to be a birding holiday but I did do quite a bit of birding never the less. The first day I managed to see 3 wood warbler and 2 great spotted woodpeckers. To my surprise I saw 5 deer hiding in the trees but coming really really close when I didn't have my camera! That always the way. The next day I tried my hand at the dry ski slope that was good fun and roller blading. I almost fell over when watching a buzzard as I was coming down the slope.

The next day I did more skiing and did some roller blading. Then went fishing. But did I catch anything? No I didn't. Nor did any ducks go on the lake either. The last day I once again did more skiing and thrashed my dad at pool. It was a great holiday and would defiantly go back.

Matthew Foakes
the view from our lodge
young robin