Monday, 21 January 2013

Its been snowing!

Its not everyones cup of tea but me I love the snow. Hours of ends playing with the white fluffy stuff that just floats down from the air. Took a this photo my bedroom window and tried a few photos of the snow falling but didn't have much luck :(

Matthew Foakes

Ill call it artistic

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hi all,

Just a quick one today because have not got much time on my hands as I have just come back from an explorer camp at thriftwood brentwood. The site was holding its annual pedal car olympics and our unit thought we would give it a go. Whilst I was not racing we were wondering taking part in the other activities laid on for us. I then took the smart move on saying I was going back to camp to put another layer of clothing on and then for reason got "lost" which lead me all around the lakes seeing a hand full of mandarin duck out on one of the smaller fishing lakes. It was a nice trip seeing all the common woodland birder woodpecker a long tailed tit flock and caught a glimps a Sparrowhawk gliding through the trees. When I got back they were all very concerned about me as I had been "lost" for some  time. They actually believed me even though I did have my gps and map on me. Oh well they didn't know that.

I enjoyed the event and  finished first in the pursuit. I would defiantly go back next year given the chance :)

Matthew Foakes

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Im back! I say "Im" because through what I can gather Jamie Croft won't be blogging anytime in the future due to change of interests so its just me for now. I supposed it should be young birder now rather than plural, (I will try and get that changed) I have created to flickr account which I have put some photos I have taken whilst I have been not blogging.

I know have bike now so will be able to bird with out relaying on my Mum and Dad taking me everywhere. If you don't already know my parents are not naturally wildlife people so it takes a lot of nagging to get them out.

Here are few photos that I have taken over the last year. Sorry theres quite a few

nearly at the end...

one more to go...

As you can tell my love of macro photography have increased :)

I would like to thank follower "Early Worm"for reminding me to do a blog so if you liked this then thank early worm. 

Matthew Foakes